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HMS at NAB 2012

NAB Show: 16 - 19 April 2012 - Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

HMS presents innovative regional ad concept at NAB 2012 - visit us at booth N 3534

Take a look at our booth and let us impress you. Arrange a date today and experience, how easy broadcasting can be when using HMS's DiSA Broadcast Automation Suite.

What can you see at our booth?


how you can save substantial operational costs compared to other Broadcast Automations.

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With the DiSA Broadcast Automation Suite you can easily manage large numbers of distributed playout sites. Its software architecture is designed for maximum savings of running costs for connecting remote playout stations. It can use regular internet connections for updating its rundown and downloading media files. The playout server needs neither a static IP nor a VPN. Our new communication technology reduces the load of the central server and increases security. With the MD5 check sum we identify transmission errors as well as file revisions and immediately reinitialize the transmission. Connection outages are no problem, either. The playout server only needs a connection when refreshing the rundown and copying new files.

You search for a playout solution for HotelTV, public transport or Digital Signage? Let our booth staff illustrate how much potential for savings you have with your infrastructure.


the power of our multichannel DiSA Playout with full EAS support and DVB output.


The DiSA Playout Server is the all-in-one 2 RU server, including an EAS crawl generator for Harris, TFT and DASDEC decoders. It can render animated channel graphics, crawls or picture-in-picture in real-time, even with alpha and color masks or blur effects. Hence you can crop your secondary video to any shape (e.g. with rounded corners) or set behind milk glass. Transitions can also contain moving effects.

Output interface is SDI or HD-SDI. The DVB extension module additionally creates a DVB compliant Transport Stream (via IP or ASI).


our MacMini based full HD Playout with live crawls and channel graphics

We can even be smaller. Our fan-less MacMini-based playout server is a fully loaded HD playout at only 2.4 lb. No matter if rendering channel graphics or crawls in real-time. The video quality is amazing. Convince yourself at our booth!


the versatility of the DiSA MAM with various local, regional and national ad capabilities.


DiSA's Media Asset Management is capable of handling numerous different playout sites. These can conveniently be grouped to common markets or assigned to individual markets. Ads can be organized based on this assignment. Each site directly reports played ads via as-run-logs. Hence you can easily manage ad markets and check actually played ads.



how easy DiSA can interoperate with 3rd party products.

The key strength of the DiSA is its interoperability. Its XML API is already widely supported by different broadcast companies. Using the API you can control 100% all functions of the DiSA. It is mainly used for scheduling, retrieving metadata, exporting or importing EPG data, but it is also used as an intermediate translator interface for 3rd party CMS.

Successful integrations include (but are not limited to): Harris, Broadview, Annova, Step2e, Gracenote, 3points, Sohard, Previon, BarcoNet, TV Anytime and Pebble Beach.

See you in Vegas at booth N 3534

Your HMS Team

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