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Corazón - Digital POC started operations

On the 1st of July HMS started operations of a new playout center (POC) in Berlin. The project referred to as "Corazón" was supported and promoted by the media authorities of Berlin-Brandenburg (MABB) and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MMV). Completed after only 5 months, 20 TV stations can already send out their content from one central spot to all distribution paths. The platform is hosted as managed service and includes state-of-the-art multichannel playout servers. The servers are connected to the digital cable network of Kabel Deutschland GmbH (KDG) and enable an IP Ethernet based digital feeding.

Besides the existing local playout server technology, real-time connections for broadcasting live program can be established in collaboration with leading line providers. At this juncture 10 TV stations can already broadcast their program over Corazón using real-time connections with multicast capability to the broad band PoP of Kabel Deutschland.

In addition to feeding to the digital cable network or satellite, the multifunctional POC offers various other possibilities. Media content can be made available to different providers of Smart TV and video on demand (VOD) platforms or libraries. This kind of Single-Point Distribution (SPD) also offers providers the possibility to exchange, distribute or purchase program content over a specifically developed platform. In collaboration with Media Broadcast the POC offers a content delivery network (CDN) connection that can especially be used for providing content for Smart TV and VOD platforms.

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