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HMS takes over playout automation of TV Mittelrhein und Westerwald TV


On behalf of TVM/WWTV Lizenz- und Produktions GmbH, HMS already took over the broadcast automation of German regional TV station Westerwald TV (wwtv) in 2009. Shortly the conversion will take place at TV Mittelrhein. Both stations are using the DISA broadcast suite and will soon broadcast from the HMS playout center. From there, the signal is directly sent to the network of cable TV provider Kabel Deutschland.

Two additional headends (Puderbach und Girod) supply the network of cable TV provider Primacom with program contents of wwtv.

The relaunch is scheduled for May 7th 2013.

TV Mittelrhein (founded in 2006) and Westerwald TV (founded in 1994) can be received in Rhineland-Palatinate via cable TV. They reach an audience of approx. 155.000 viewers in their transmission area (technical range: approx. 455.000 viewers).


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