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Collaboration with TVC+Latino: HMS establishes presence in U.S. market


TVC+Latino is another American TV station that uses HMS broadcast automation technology. The solution was developed by HMS and is based on the DiSA Broadcast Suite. Currently it provides the program to 9 affiliates across the U.S.. From its headquarters in Los Angeles TVC+Latino uses a BroadView® Content Management System to plan and schedule its program rundown. This data is then uploaded to the HMS playout center and imported into DiSA via its XML interface.

workflow tvclatino preview


From there, all the data required for the program rundown is currently transmitted to 3 affiliates located in Chicago, Boise and Atlanta. The third affiliate transmits an IP stream that serves as signal source for 6 other affiliates (including Los Angeles and New York). In addition, all program content is optimized for mobile devices (Android and iOS) and offered to viewers via web stream. Content for live coverages can also be provided from any location via IP stream.


About TVC+Latino:
"TVC+Latino is the U.S. feed of TVC Network in Mexico with a selection from our multiple channels which offers the best of Hispanic television all in one modern and exciting international television channel. TVC+Latino makes its viewers 'Feel at Home'. This makes TVC+ Latino the strongest 24 hours a day cable channel delivering content that is different and truly relevant to the everyday lives of U.S. Hispanics."



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