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Friday, 20 December 2013 10:04

Teletext inserter product update: HD-SDI insertion (SMPTE 2031 and OP-47)

ttx hardware

The HMS Teletext Inserter (TTX) recently received a major product update, that adds the ability to insert Teletext data into HD-SDI signals in accordance with SMPTE 2031 and OP-47. The transmitted content corresponds exactly with the DVB Teletext (ETSI EN 300 472), hence downstream encoders can use the data as is.

The video signal must be 1080i with 10 bit color depth according to ITU-R BT.1120. Like for DVB Teletext you can select the 32 "virtual" VBI lines to be transmitted and can this way control the Teletext data rate. The VANC lines of the HD-SDI signal to be used for the transmission are also selectable. If you use SMPTE 2031 Teletext you only need one HD line. For OP-47 you may need up to 5 HD lines depending on the data rate.

For more information about the HMS teletext solutions please visit our TTX product page.

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