• PEM 25XX
    PEM 25XX

    Multichannel Playout, MPEG-Encoder, TS-Multiplexer


The use case of the PEM 25XX is a broadcaster wishing to transmit up to 4 digital SD/HD channels. It provides various opportunities for live signal ingest via RF/ASI/IP/SDI. Each channel can individually be transmitted via IP or multiplexed and transmitted via RF/ASI/IP.

PEM-25XX - Key Features

  • Unique "channel-in-the-box" combination of HD playout, encoder and multiplexer
  • Simultaneous 4 channel H.264 / MPEG-2 encoder
  • Stereo audio encoding (MPEG-1 Layer II / AAC / Dolby® Digital)
  • DVB- / ATSC-compliant MPEG-TS multiplexer
  • Optional MPEG-TS remultiplexer
  • Integrated video switcher (live pass through)
  • SDI / IP / ASI / RF input / output (see ordering info)
  • Internal static SI / PSI (DVB), PSIP (ATSC) generator
  • Powerful render engine for real-time insertion of templated graphics with independent layers
  • Live pass through of third party broadcast signals with cue tone (DTMF) option
  • EAS processing

PEM 25XX - Workflow example

pem-10xx workflow-preview