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Professional multichannel graphics playout system

Our new graphics system extends the capabilities of our Channel Playout to make it even more powerful. It now offers completely new possibilities to display real-time graphics in broadcast quality with full control over the displayed content. In addition the support of all common file types and video standards makes it extremely versatile.

The system can play multiple layers (consisting of image, video and audio files, as well as Flash and HTML templates) simultaneously on top of the original (clean) video content. The original video can either be an incoming live feed (via SDI/IP) or scheduled file-based content. The properties of each layer (e.g. position, scale and transparency) can be animated and images can be adjusted in real-time (e.g. brightness and saturation).

Users of the system can be completely free and creative to create and use whatever types of still or animated graphics they want. Here are just a few common type examples:

  • channel branding (e.g. logo, lower third, text, etc.)
  • crawl (e.g. news ticker)
  • time display (e.g. current time or countdown)
  • sports scoreboards
  • voting statistics
  • weather information

Flash- and HTML-based templates can even be used for advanced real-time graphics and animations. To fill templates with content, dynamic data can be embedded via local file, database or network/internet.

Embedded alpha channels are also supported so it is possible to e.g. use two video files at the same time, one for content and one for alpha.

Graphics - Key Features

  • plays multiple layers of graphics simultaneously in broadcast quality
  • each layer can be controlled individually by using commands like play, pause and loop
  • layers can be placed on live content (incoming video feed via SDI or IP) and on scheduled (file-based) content
  • supports all common file types, like image, video and audio files
  • supports Flash and HTML Templates
  • supports all common video standards and file formats in SD, HD and UHD
  • supports embedded alpha channels and high-quality audio
  • real-time video effects (e.g. move and scale), image adjustments (e.g. brightness and contrast) and animated transitions
  • impressive performance by taking full advantage of multi-core processors and GPU acceleration

Graphics - Workflow

graphics workflow preview