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  • Broadcast Automation | DiSA
    Broadcast Automation | DiSA

    Additional modules, Upgrades

DiSA Ingest | Transcoding

Our additional modules for more flexibility and power in your 'channel-in-the-box' system:


  • creates proxy files with flexible pre-defined profiles for export (e. g. with video gateway), allows logo insertions and concatenating multiple source files of different formats to one file.

Crossmedia Uploader

  • uploads video files including metadata to social networks or partner channels.

DiSA Media Asset Management

General control modules

  • Matrix Switcher Control
    schedules control commands based on the DiSA rundown.
  • Tape Control
    allows control of tape decks for ingest jobs.

Live control modules

  • Red Button Player
    an application to control commercial breaks of live shows.
  • Break Button Dashboard
    allows rundown control through an external dashboard.

Import modules

  • XML Gateway
    provides full functionality to third party software.
  • MOS Gateway
    interfaces to newsroom systems via Media Object Server Protocol (MOSP).
  • Newsfeed Importer
    creates crawls and text elements based on live information from RSS feeds or information on HTML.

Extension modules

  • Teletext Page Creator
    generates teletext pages with program schedule data from the rundown.

DiSA Channel Playout

Extension modules

  • Web Stream Generator
    provides an RTMP flash video stream.
  • SDI Teletext Generator
    inserts teletext data into the video signal.
  • EAS Gateway
    creates EAS message crawls and passes through EAS audio messages.

Input modules

  • SDI Live Pass Through
    allows broadcasting live signals providing by SDI including all types of secondary events.
  • IP Stream Live Pass Through
    allows broadcasting of streams that are received as IP streams including all types of secondary events.

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