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  • Digital Signage | Visicube
    Digital Signage | Visicube


Make it visual

 digital signage-terminal

You operate a chain or franchise, organize events and trade shows or search for a solution for your Business TV – then Visicube is the right technology for you. With Visicube, your information will be at the right place at the right time. No matter, if you use it on a single place or within a subsidiary network – our network POI/POS solution reliably delivers the content via the integrated IP-based Content Delivery Network (CDN). Due to individual rundowns the Visicube concept en­ables you to deliver the content target-oriented and efficiently.


Easy planning

The Visicube Scheduler is used for planning and scheduling clips. Its easy-to-use drag'n'drop user interface enables you to create your playlist in no time and easily keep an overview over all playlists. It is a childs play to display news on the screen – on short notice as well as scheduled. If still images or full animated videos, if plain text or complex graphics, the flexibility and clarity of Visicube is amazing.



  • Business TV
  • Instore merchandising
  • Retail store chains
  • Trade shows and museums
  • Libraries
  • Public events
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels, restaurants and clubs
  • Airports, train- and bus stations
  • Waiting areas
  • Public transport

Easy update

The Visicube playout engine is designed for continuous operation in 24/7 or time slot mode. Program schedule updates are performed automatically in a transparent way without any interruptions. The Visicube player updates all content over standard internet connections and stores the files locally on hard disk to avoid broadcast interruptions in case of network failure.


Powerful presentation

Visicube has a high-performance graphics render engine playing all mainstream video standards in broadcast quality for both SD and HD. The flexible and individual layer design allows to overlay additional information as graphics, crawls and even animation on one hand and external live video sources on the other.


Visicube - Workflow example


Visicube - Key Features


  • Centralized and multichannel Visicube MAM
  • Central SQL-based planning base for scheduling & managing rundowns
  • third party metadata interface
  • Unlimited number of stations and localized content
  • IP-based content delivery to individual Visicube players or groups
  • Concept of multiple rundowns for distributed Visicube players or groups
  • Playback in 24/7 mode with automated rundown updates without interruption
  • Channel-in-a-box system for standalone solutions


  • Full HD playback with H.264 support
  • Support of standard video and graphics formats
  • Real-time channel branding
  • Real-time news feed insertion


  • Emergency rundown and failover features
  • Network monitoring and SNMP support
  • Remote control and software updates
  • Compact fan-less Visicube hardware