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  • Media Recording | Infinity
    Media Recording | Infinity

    Legal recording and documentation system

Infinity - A modular legal recording and documentation system

infinity stream

The Infinity recording system provides a professional legal recording and documentation system.

No matter if radio or television, analog or digital, LowRes or HighRes — the modular design of HMS Infinity allows seamless recordings and offers exten­sive analysis.


Job Management

infinity jobmanagement

The Infinity Job Management module is our user interface for all recording tasks. New tasks are automatically forwarded to free recording lines. Besides that, records can be triggered by external software or optionally be done by EPG data if DVB receiving hardware is used.

Due to the database interface, the module is perfectly suited for strategic planning as well as operational control.


infinity recordingThe Infinity recording modules have been designed for simultaneous recordings of multiple audio and video channels on a single machine. Each channel can be recorded in low and high resolutions with individual bit rates. For long-time recordings, an integrated circular buffer controls the media management based on the capacity of the storage. Infinity recording modules can even control analog or digital tuners.


ininity interpretation

The Infinity audio and video analysis module manages daily duties covering all kinds of jobs from interpretation and analysis of the recorded data to cutting and exporting for further use. The system features easy navigation within the material as well as extensive tools for coding the data according to application specific requirements.

For the analysis of the recorded web-radio streams or classic radio and television programs you can use our automatic spot recognition. By connecting an advertising disposition system it can be used to evaluate broadcasted commercial clips.


Infinity - Key Features

  • Multichannel audio and video logging
  • Simultaneous Low-Res and High-Res recordings at multiple bitrates
  • EPG based programming
  • Encodes video data in H.264 | MPEG-2 | DVCPro25
  • Encodes audio data in AAC, MPEG-1L2/3, WAV, RF64
  • Records time-controlled or long-time with circular buffer
  • Video overlay (date, time)
  • Convenient and easy to use job management and playback tools
  • Contains pattern recognition
  • Web-based user interface
  • Export of video data with subtitles
  • Bookmark audio and video data for retrieving and analyzing
  • Remote access via internet

Infinity - Workflow example